Retro Images of the Week: Pepsi-Cola Straws

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Pepsi-Cola Straw Box
Here at we are surrounded by all things retro. Not only the things we sell but original items and collections that decorate our offices. We thought it might be interesting each week to bring you a photo and information of an interesting, and maybe unusual, retro item we have kicking around. Please note these items are not for sale.
This is a vintage box of Pepsi-Cola waxed paper straws from the 1940s, as evidenced by the double-dot logo and the 5-cent price tag. Boxes of straws like these were probably marketed to store owners selling Pepsi and wartime factories where bottles of Pepsi were vended. There was a lot of work put into this package, something you don’t see that much nowadays, like the beautifully executed line art. The straws that appear in this package are individually printed, too.

Manufactured by:
Maryland Paper Products Co.
Baltimore, Maryland

Last updated: Apr 17, 2009
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