Pint-Sized Petroliana: Mini Reproduction Gas Pumps

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Mobilgas Replica Gas Pump with Clock and LightI am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a gas pump guy.  Cars get me from place to place and I would never confuse gasoline with cologne.  But I do appreciate history and cool decor.

Working at Retro Planet, I’m surrounded by gas pumps. In addition to the exquisite reproductions standing at attention in our office, I often see antique gas pumps while driving around town – displayed on someone’s lawn or set out at a corner service station.

Those pumps are national treasures, symbols of a bygone era of American history and car culture.  The clock is ticking on them, thanks to time, rain and oxygen.  I can’t help but be impressed by the passion of petroliana collectors who go to great lengths to find or build vintage gas pumps and replacement parts.

That’s why, even though I’m not a gas pump guy, I can’t help but appreciate a new line of replica gas pumps that are adorned with great authentic details as well as some unique twists. They make for fabulous garage or game room decor.  At just over three feet tall, they’re perfectly sized for an older child’s bedroom, too.

Nostalgic Yellow Shell Gasoline Pump

This Shell reproduction gas pump features a quartz clock on the front, and an illuminated gas globe.

Mimicking the look of full-sized pumps from the 1930s, these reproductions boast sleek, deco-style cabinets and classic American gasoline brands like Texaco, Sinclair, Shell, Standard, Mobilgas and Flying A.  They’re solidly made with all-steel bodies and chrome accents that enhance their art deco look.  Each pump exhibits beautiful authentic details, like a cast metal pump handle, hook assembly, glass panels and even a vintage-style lead warning!

The cool thing is they aren’t just replica gas pumps.  Each pump’s lighted globe can be used as a reading lamp or night light.  Just plug in the power cord and bask in the glow of nostalgia.  When it’s time for lights out, flip the on/off switch located on the back of the pump.

Instead of a dial that tracks the gas sold, these reproductions have working quartz clocks.

These pumps look great and, at $300, are some of the most affordable reproductions – a mere fraction of the cost of a full-sized version.

For added stability, the feet can be removed so the base can be bolted to plywood.

These replica “mini” gas pumps are what retro decor is all about – fun and functional, but also celebrating our history.

Mini Reproduction Gas Pumps

Do you collect original or reproduction gas pumps?  Where might you display these mini pumps?   Got a favorite brand?  Take a minute to share your thoughts on these replica pumps, we’d love to hear them.

Last updated: Jun 10, 2012
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