Pizza Parlor Theme Decor

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The design and decor of a Pizza Parlor or casual Italian restaurant matters as much as the menu selection and food quality. This is apparent as you go out for your favorite pie – the atmosphere plays a key role in overall satisfaction.

Pizza Parlor Theme Decor - Signs, Chairs, Table & More

Themed eateries have been very popular, and nowadays people love bringing that authentic parlor look into the home and office.

It’s easy to add old-fashioned pizza parlor flair to your breakfast room, basement or workspace. You can simply add accents, such as tin signs, or go all-out and bringing in classic furniture and tables. Take a look at our gallery of ideas, which include vintage style tabletop shakers and dispensers.

For this gallery we used a 36″ x 36″ diner style table with a Red Glacier Boomerang top (view a full dinette set), a pair of classic button-back diner chairs, and wall paneling from Lowe’s.


Last updated: Jun 19, 2012
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