Deli Serving Baskets and Waxed Paper Liners

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At we carry a large variety of deli baskets in an assortment of shapes and colors for all kinds of uses.

Food baskets are the perfect way to serve up sandwiches, burgers and snacks in all kinds of settings. They do the job much better than paper plates—and they’re reusable, making them cost-effective. Durability means they’ll stand up to the heat of microwaves, heat-lamps and dishwashers time after time, making them perfect for commercial use in retro diners, sandwich shops and restaurants.

Our classic deli baskets stand just 2 inches high, yet their generous 9.5″ x 6.25″ size means they’ll easily accommodate a burger and side of fries. Their size makes them great for serving children’s meals, and kids love them! These stackable plastic deli baskets have a sturdy construction that will hold up when you pile in the food, eliminating drooping and spillage—a feature that will keep your customers happy. But, this reusable serveware isn’t limited to burgers and fries. Fill baskets with fried seafood, chicken nuggets and fried veggies. They’re perfect for serving popcorn, tortilla chips, candy, fudge, cookies or other snacks.

Plastic deli baskets with a variety of foods.

Deli baskets are not just for burgers and sandwiches. They’re great for snacks, sweets and as bread baskets.


Buy more, save more.

Available in 7 colors—red, yellow, green, pink, white, brown, black, and blue—you can purchase deli serving baskets singly or by the case of 36. You can also mix and match styles and colors to maximize savings.

Plate Holder Platter and Large Serving Basket

The solid plastic platter serves as a dish as well as holding a paper plate. More generous servings fit in the large rectangle deli basket.


Red wicker style bread basket.

Red wicker style bread basket.

Need more space? A 14″ long sub sandwich basket is perfect for heroes and loaves of bread. Color-coordinated plastic platters and larger round baskets are perfect for serving up chips family style. Solid platters and plate holders lined with paper plates prevent spills and messes, making cleanup a breeze.

You can also line any coordinating serveware with wax paper or deli paper sheets. Woven plastic baskets that look like wicker pack a ton of style and come in a variety of colors. The red woven bread basket with handles is perfect to line with a waxed paper liner to serve bread on every dining table. Practical as well as stylish, it will impart a retro vibe in any setting, whether commercial or household.

Deli basket liners and food wraps come in different styles and materials, depending on your needs. Waxed paper liners are available in charming patterns and colors and come as pre-cut sheets in popular sizes of 8″ x 10.75″, 10″ x 10.75″ and 12″ x 12″. Pick up packs of 24 for one-time get-togethers, or buy in boxes of 500 for regular use. Or, use foil liner sheets to keep food piping hot. These 12″ x 10.75″ size sheets withstand a wide range of temperatures.

Assorted basket liners

Waxed paper and foil basket liners in assorted colors and patterns.


Buying deli baskets for the home.

For smaller purchases, like for use in your own home, we’ve put together a variety of burger basket and paper liner bundles to make your decision-making easier. Some bundles include condiment bottles or other dining accessories to get you all ready for the barbecue season. There is even a Coca-Cola set with 2 baskets, 6 Coke themed liners, a condiment squeeze bottle and Coke bottle salt and pepper shakers!

Image of deli baskets in use: for hot dogs, salads, crackers and more

Deli baskets are perfect for serving a variety of foods at home; from hot dogs, cheese and crackers and fruit to side salads.


When planning your next party, cookout or picnic, consider reusable deli baskets and liners. In addition to being a handy way to serve burgers and sandwiches in restaurants, diners, schools and food carts, they’re also a terrific way to serve meals in retro style at home and for parties. Great picnic ideas include filling baskets with the ingredients to make S’mores by the campfire or filling several baskets with all of the fixins’ people like to add to burgers and hot dogs. What a cool way to feed friends and family at the beach and poolside without having to worry about breakage like with ordinary dishes. And a plastic burger basket is so much more durable than a plastic plate; use it as part of the overall decor as well.

Dining table and picnic table with plastic deli baskets to match your tablecloth

Match the plastic deli baskets to your tablecloth for a color-coordinated look that will make your tablescape something special!

Deli basket party ideas include color-coordinating the baskets for graduations and holidays. These burger baskets are perfect for retro themed parties as many delighted customers have shared with us. And these useful baskets won’t get tucked into the back of a cupboard after the party—it’s easy to find tons of uses for them for every day. Speaking of every day—why fill the sink and dishwasher with dirty dishes when you can use these durable baskets with a disposable paper liner? Streamlining housekeeping is always a good idea!

Deli baskets with a wax paper liner make clean-up so simple, and they have other uses, too. Our waxed paper liners are a great way to separate warm tortillas to keep them from sticking together before you fill them, as one of our customers commented. Other customers have noted that our plastic deli baskets make terrific catch-alls in the home to help reduce clutter.

We’d love to hear from you—let us know what clever uses you have thought of for our baskets and liners.

Last updated: Aug 27, 2014
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