Retro Planet’s Pride and Joy: VersaCAMM VS-540!

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No, it’s not a retro machine. But, if you’ve noticed our new line of removable wall decals, this is how we make them. That’s right, the 400+ items launched in the last several weeks are not only designed in the US, they’re printed right in New Hampshire with US-made products.

We’d like to introduce you to the amazing machine that makes the magic happen.

Say hello to our pride and joy, the VersaCAMM VS-540!

VS-540 Printing

The VS-540 in action, printing one of Retro Planet’s exclusive designs.

The VersaCAMM is a large format printer that allows us to put our cool retro designs on wall decals, vinyl bumper stickers, t-shirts, hats, and even stretch canvas.  This all-in-one printer/cutter prints the decals and cuts out the contours in a quick, two-step process.  You can’t ask for a better machine to make wall decal printing easy.  Even we retro folks can do it!

In some ways, the VS-540 works just like an oversized desktop printer.  It’s connected to a computer where we set the specs for the design to be printed.  But instead of paper, we use large rolls of print media—polyester fabric for our wall tattoos, vinyl for our bumper stickers—which the printer feeds through automatically.

And just like your printer, the VersaCAMM uses a combination of black and color ink to set down our beautiful retro artwork in eye-popping hues!

VS-540 Ink Cartridges

Just like your HP or Canon printer! The VS-540 uses eco-friendly ECO-SOL Max inks, which are fast-drying and virtually odor free.

After the design is printed, the  VS-540 rolls the media back, then feeds it through again to score the cut lines. Once the cutting is done and the decal is left to dry for a while—voila!  An awesome retro wall sticker, ready to brighten up any room!

Like any machine, the VS-540 requires regular maintenance.  The machine runs a self-cleaning routine once a day; we also manually clean it once a week, which takes five to ten minutes. This ensures each wall decal, sticker or other retro product meets our quality standards.

VS-540 Premium Wall Decal

The end result: A high-quality wall decal that’s cut perfectly and looks great on the wall!

If you haven’t seen our wall decals yet, take a tour and to see what this amazing printer has been up to.  And keep checking back for our newest peel and stick decor designs!

Last updated: Sep 20, 2013
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