REAL SIMPLE Reminds Us How Mom Cleaned the House…

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Real Simple Magazine page

From the April 2013 issue of REAL SIMPLE.

Here’s a nice little gem… The April 2013 issue of REAL SIMPLE showcases cleaning supplies from way back when. Retro lovers will appreciate the splash page shot of a ’50s-era housewife preparing to clean the living room. Just look at that checkered floor and starburst wall clock!

The article, The Best Classic Cleaning Supplies, focuses on natural products that have successfully gotten the job done for decades. From Fels-Naptha to the traditional carpet sweeper, it’s a walk down memory lane.

The print edition also includes a timeline of cleaning brands and devices, alongside today’s “new” products (which, as you will find out, really aren’t that new).

Two thumbs up to REAL SIMPLE. We never had a gazillion bottles of cleaning solutions under the kitchen sink. We used a broom, a mop and a vacuum. There’s a reason why the broom closet was so bare. Those simple staples were all we needed to get the job done.

Last updated: Mar 28, 2013
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