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Dr. Wells Soda Pop Bottle Cap

Dr. Wells – one of the scores of soda pops we’re researching at Planet Retro!

Here at Planet Retro: The BLOG! we love vintage soda pop and it’s rich history. We’re revamping our scores of posts on classic soda pop brands and filing them under a new section: Retro & Vintage Soda Pop. From Like Soda (Diet 7 Up) to local favorites like White Soda and Mr. Cola, we want to build a vast section on the sodas you remember from childhood or hear stories about.

Of course, we need your help… For many of these sodas we have little more than a bottle cap and brief historical info (such as initial locations and dates). If you have any details about these soda pops, or additional images, we’d love your feedback.

Be sure to check out the Retro & Vintage Soda Pop section often (you can subscribe to the RSS feed here). We’ll also be including a “Soda Pop of the Week” in the Planet Retro email newsletter which is delivered every Friday, so be sure to subscribe .

And, if you have any details on Soda Pop’s we’ve not yet posted, be sure to submit information and pictures to share.

Last updated: Oct 22, 2012
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