Retro Christmas Image 2009: Retro Christmas Lights Set

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Retro Christmas Image of the Week

Christmas Lights Set

This Christmas season at we thought it might be interesting to bring you a photo and a little information about some of the interesting retro Christmas items we have here in our offices. So for the next few weeks we’ll be featuring different retro Christmas items from our own collections. Please note these are shown here merely to entertain and inform. They are not for sale.

This is a package of indoor Christmas tree lights from the early 70s. The string has seven lights with clips for attaching to a tree. With only seven lamps per string, it would have taken several strings to illuminate even a very small tree. By the time these were manufactured, advancements had been made in Christmas tree lights, and the box claims that the string of lights will stay lit, even if one burns out. This was not the case on older strings, where if one light went out, they all did. These large bulbs are popular again as retro décor is trendy once more.

Manufactured by:
American Christmas Lighting Associates
Boston, Massachusetts