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Dads Refusing To Ask Directions PrintThey say something definitely changes when a man becomes a Dad. They say these men become more like, well, their own fathers. While some argue traditional humor and Dadisms as stereotypes, there’s truth behind them. If there wasn’t, they’d be neither funny nor common.

Armed with the daring task to showcase the humor behind our Dads, I looked no further than Retro Planet’s collection of retro “ha-has” in the form of prints, signs and mugs that would make great gifts. After all, behind all the eye rolls and “if you only knew” comments, Dads should be able to laugh along.

While my own father wasn’t so stubborn he’d never ask for directions, such requests only occurred during a regularly scheduled pit stop. Our impatience grew when he’d then spend several minutes confirming what he’d just been told by studying a map. In my Dad’s defense, his wife and daughters were not that good at reading maps, so we never made decent navigators. Just the same, when you’re on your way to a fun place, the last thing you want is to be sitting at a truck stop wasting time.

Dad's Tours - Don't Make Me Pull This Car Over Tin SignDadisms

It’s funny when I hear friends talk about their Dad threatening to turn the car around. “As if he’d ever do it,” they say. Funny because… my father would.

The most common road trip “calm down, or else” one-liners:

  • “Don’t make me turn this car around.”
  • “Don’t make me pull this car over.”
  • “Maybe we’ll just go to [insert the most boring place ever here].”
  • “You wanna drive!?!” (rhetorical question – which translated to, “watch yer mouth”)

Complaint Department Grenade MugQuit Yer Whinin’

And Dad’s hate complaining. About chores, school, what’s for dinner…

The most common response to whining is, “I’ll give you something to complain about…” This, in most cases, worked.

Of course, it might have just been easier for Dad to install a number system, like a Grenade Mug.

Mr. Fix-It

Helpful Handyman Metal SignThere are two types of “Fix-It” Dads – the ones who carefully address the problem and seek help if necessary, and the “Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylors” of the world. My father was the former, but most of my friend’s Dads typically tore things apart, sans instructions, determined to just figure it out.

I could never understand why these guys were willing to exhaust so much energy (and, sometimes cash) just to make sure the rest of us knew they’d supposedly figured it all out. In other words, they either solved the problem or the problem was with us all along. This concept gives an all-new meaning to, “What happens in the garage… stays in the garage!”.

Dad's King of the Grill Sign

King of the Grill…

There are plenty of Dads who can cook a mean steak… But there’s something about fire that gets them riled up. Ever seen a guy who couldn’t get the grill started? In a single moment, all warning signs go out the window and determination sets in.

Not to mention that many Dad’s want to grill just about anything. Simply put… if there’s fire, the average man is willing to find something to toss over top…

And then there’s…

What about your Dad? What do you find perfectly amusing? And, more importantly, does he have the sense of humor to laugh at is own “isms”?




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