Popcorn: Movies Wouldn’t Be The Same Without It

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Whirley Pop Large Popcorn TubI don’t know about you, but I don’t have a single theater memory that doesn’t include popcorn. The fondest? All include those enormous popcorn buckets, not the bags that have (in many theaters) replaced them.

I can’t tell you how much popcorn one of those buckets holds, but my wife and I own four of them, specifically to use on movie nights, when we invite my sis, her husband and their kids over for screenings of fun film fare.

Yep, that’s them. Huge, you say? Well, let me tell you, the wife can put it away when it comes to hot, salty popcorn, and I’m no slouch, either.

For Christmas, sis and the family supplied us with one of the final pieces to our home theatre set-up. A true, honest-to-goodness, movie theater style kettle popcorn popper.

Buttery Fresh Popcorn Tin Sign

Popcorn Wall Decor

Movie theatre popcorn. There’s nothing else like it. I’ve owned several popcorn makers. A huge, skillet-type popper, which you oiled up, poured in the kernels, and attached the lid to, so as it cooked, the popcorn would fill the bowl you’d take to sit in front of the TV. I’ve had air poppers. My Mom used to buy Jiffy Pop. When microwave popcorn first came out? Yeah, we were one of the first families willing to try it. And, all of those are fine.

But they’re not movie theater popcorn. Until Christmas, I didn’t really think you could pop corn at home and have it come out exactly like it tastes in the theater. But my sis did the research. She tracked down the goods, and right before New Year’s, Pam cooked up our first batch.

Coconut oil and Flavocal. That’s the secret. Those two ingredients—and good popping kernels, of course—are what makes movie theater popcorn far and away the best tasting of all the popcorn options available. When I tasted what Pam handed me, I did a double-take, because I couldn’t believe we had this capability now…in our living room.

Old Fashioned Popcorn Machine

A real popcorn machine makes all the difference!

The Cape Coral Argo is nearly complete. The riser so we have two levels of seating. The surround sound system is in. The twin sub-woofers under the riser that really give you that, you-are-there feeling, like when Indiana Jones is running away from the rolling bolder in Raiders of the Lost Ark. We have theater quality rope lights for when we’re settling in and previews are playing. I installed cup holders for every seat. Over the entrance into our movie room, we’ve got the Let’s All Go To The Lobby… characters dancing in replica tin cutouts. And now? We’ve got our own authentic popcorn machine and buckets ready to fill.

Today (Jan. 19) is National Popcorn Day. Pam and I are going to pop up some salty goodness and screen a flick after the playoff games.

What about you? What are you going to do to take advantage of the chance to gorge yourself on popcorn? (As if you really needed a reason.) Let us know. Remember your first time eating popcorn? The movie you saw with it? The first date you went on and bought your girl a bag or bucket? Come on, I’m not the only one this addicted, and we all know it.


Last updated: Jan 19, 2014
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