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Eye Chart iPhone 4 CaseFrom the Retro Planet Collection come these originally designed smartphone and tablet cases.

Made of durable plastic, these cases were designed by the Retro Planet team, and printed in the USA. Openings are included for headphones, charger inputs, cameras and other key features, resulting in a custom fit for the iPhone 4 and 4s, iPhone 5, Galaxy 3 and iPad.

Classic themes include: eye chart, space target game, clown, “board” to death and comic book “wham, bang, pow”.

Coupled with retro design is affordability – smartphone cases start at just $17.99.

These exclusive designs are currently only available via retroplanet.com and Retro Planet’s profiles on the web.

Which style is your favorite?


Image of Tech Cases

Originally designed cases are available for today’s popular gadgets.




Last updated: Jan 05, 2013
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