Retro Google Search (Mad Men Style)

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1960s Bruning

1960s Office Equipment Ad (Bruning)

In the 1960s, office machines required a great deal of human input. The traditional clicking and clomping sounds of printing devices echoed throughout office floors, as executives sat in private offices, doors closed. It was the “Mad Men” era – a common reference based on the modern-produced television show. And anything Mad Men is considered retro-hot.

Every now and then someone uses current technology to take us back in time, knocking our socks off. Such is the case with the Google60 “Search Mad Men Style” web site. Here you can use 1960s controls to enter a search term, and wait patiently as the machine awaits further input and resorts to a tape reel to locate then print out your results. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Of course, we had to search the term “Retro Planet” and test it against Google’s own results. Google60 utilizes Google’s API quite well, so we were pleased with the results.

Google60 Output

Google60’s output on the search term “retro planet”. Very slick.

And if you run out of patience or find a typo in your own search string? Too bad. Just like the good ‘ole days, you’ve got to use a reverse key, start over or take the time to file your nails.

Give it a try. We’d show you more screenshots, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Last updated: Mar 18, 2013
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