Simple, Retro Laundry Room

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Laundry Room Retro Metal SignOne of the simplest rooms in the home, the laundry room typically calls for a simple design. Those blessed with an oversized room for sorting, folding and ironing clothes will find using shelves and bins for organizing makes for an uncluttered space. The rest of us, however, need to keep this area void of knick knacks and furniture. My own laundry room is so small that we can’t fully open the door due to a single, standing clothes basket. That pretty much leaves the walls for decorating and hanging storage.

Laundry Drop Your Pants Here SignThat’s where tin signs come into play. In a room that usually boasts cleaning agents and hangers, chores can be pretty boring. Enter: Retro signs and decor. My favorite? The “Drop Your Pants Here” sign, which will be hung as soon as we take the time to put a coat of paint on the currently drab, white walls.

For a cleaner look, use neatly stacked bins and containers for extra supplies – like detergent, rags, brushes and hangers. This allows wall decor and floor mats to stand out and make the space more appealing. The key is to keep all things non-appealing out of sight, and that includes dirty clothes. Laundry bags or bins that are opaque and colorful can definitely help.

Accent rugs work great in the laundry room. They’re both decorative and functional. A machine-washable rug is ideal, since this area tends to get a lot of foot traffic (even if, like in my house, it’s only by one person). I love the Jellybean rugs because they’ll fit into the washer easily, and can take plenty of cycles before showing any sign of wear.

As soon as we’re done with the laundry room project in our home, I’ll be sure to share pics and details. Until then, we’d love to see your retro-organized utility area, including before and after pics!


Last updated: Aug 21, 2012
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