Retro Lighting: Joel Nakamura’s Atrox!

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Mecha Atrox Desk LampBest known for his unique, neo-primitive artistic style, Joel Nakamura’s work has graced the pages of Time, US News & World Reports, and several other publications.

It’s his colorful, compelling renditions of a reptilian monster that caught my eye. Nakamura’s Atrox looks akin to Godzilla, as well as all those Japanese monsters we saw in 1950s movies.

Mecha G Lamp

Mecha G Lamp Design


Everything about Nakamura’s artwork is elemental – the metallic colors, the stone and steel textures…. Primordial oceans, giant jellyfish, globs of oil floating about… these pieces are retro on a cosmic scale.

While you could appreciate such colorful work on the wall, these retro-style lamps are all-the-more stunning. Featuring a 9″ high shade and brushed nickel base, each would look astonishing in a boy’s bedroom, the man cave or the game room.

Made in the USA, these lamps future a classic pull chain for on/off operation – such a simple touch that makes a difference.

Retro Atrox vs. Octopus Desk Lamp

Retro Atrox vs. Octopus Desk Lamp Design

What do you think? Are you in as much awe over these lamps as I am?


Last updated: Feb 25, 2013
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