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Throwing a party? Retro favors and toys are a unique way to introduce the old to youngsters, and bring back memories to the older ones. Check out our ideas for your upcoming events.

Retro Toys & Party Favors

Classic retro toys make for great party fun.

Kid’s Birthday:

What’s more cool than handing out the toys you played with as a kid? Remember the Balsa Wood Airplanes? Or the fun of playing with Jacks or Marbles?

The old fashioned Paddleball game is still a favorite with children and adults alike. And who could forget the challenging hand-held pinball games and the famous Slinky!

The simplicity of these classic toys make it easy for anyone to play, as well as for kids to use their imaginations to create additional games. Like racing Slinkies down the stairs, or seeing who can paddle the ball the most consecutive times.

Back-In-Time & Theme Parties:

Retro Novelty Glasses

Going back in time? Outfit your guests with novelty eyewear.

Aside from decor and themed party drinks, outfitting guests with retro-themed glasses mixes up the fun. From Elvis to geek, party-goers will get great laughs remembering all the fads from the ’40s to the ’80s.

The back-in-time theme works well for high school and college reunions and similar get-togethers.

Themes, like Tiki, love and geek-out work well for bachelor and bachelorette parties, milestone celebrations and birthday bashes.

To mix it up, try matching up each guest to a pair of novelty glasses that suits his/her personality. For reunions, match them based on when you knew them way back when…

For Car Fanatics & ’40s, ’50s & ’60s Reunions:

Classic Cruiser

Fill a Classic Cruiser carton with candy or mementos.

Classic car cartons filled with toys and/or old fashioned candy makes a real splash. Classic Cruisers cardboard cars are one of the most popular favors for retro-themed parties. Available in several models – from a ’54 Corvette to a ’66 classic Ford pickup, there’s something for any fan. And, don’t worry, your guests will want to take their cartons home.

If you’re on a tighter budget, you can fill each car with lots of candy and use it as a centerpiece. If guests want to fight over the car, make a game for someone to win each one.


Add Some Humor…

Retro Humor Magnets

Humor & Wit Magnets will keep them laughing

Make your party stand out! Sending guests home with retro humor magnets means they’ll leave laughing, and remember that big night.

Humorous magnets are a unique gift, and can be used many ways:

  • Match up magnets to personalities.
  • Have guests draw and swap for the one they want.
  • Use as prizes in games at bridal showers and similar events.

Want to get creative? Wrap each magnet in tulle fabric, along with some chocolates. Tie it together with a ribbon.


Go Tiki!

Tiki & Luau Gifts

Offer up Tiki Mugs and Hula Dolls at your next Luau.

In the heat of the summer, a luau or tiki party is the way to go. The great thing about the Tiki theme is most everyone enjoys this type of get-together because it’s always unique.

Serve up tropical drinks in tiki mugs or shot glasses, and tell guests to take the glass with them. Or, dress up tables with hula girl dolls, and send them home with guests.

Of course, you can always host games for cool favor prizes, like Tiki gods and mini ukuleles.

Above All, Have Fun!

An unforgettable, retro-themed party is fun to attend, and even more fun to remember. From start to finish, you want to wow your guests. Offering them unique mementos as parting gifts will leave them talking about your shindig for years to come.

What was the last party you attended that really made an impact? We’d love to hear about it!

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