Retro Pets: Now Our Friends Can Dine and Play in Retro Style

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Canvas Football Dog Toy

This durable canvas football is made of recycled materials and features a photo realistic image.

Retro Planet’s new product line – Retro Pets – is a small, but growing selection of products that lets our favorite, furry, four-legged friends enjoy ’50s flair and diner decor. Until now, cats and dogs have largely been left out of the fun of emerging retro decor.

For dogs, there are new, canvas squeaky toys. Made of recycled materials, these sturdy toys feature photo-realistic images. From balls, to shoes, to mailmen, these toys are designed to give dogs a thrill.

Vintage-inspired ceramic dishes and place mats will turn a dog’s dining station into a retro eatery. With a variety of wipe-clean mats and dishes in various sizes, there’s something for every kind of pooch.

The retro bowl and place mat line also covers our feline friends. Diner-style graphics add a little retro flair to any kitchen and are certain to please even the pickiest kitty.

Retro Cat Dishes & Mats

Diner-style cat dishes and mats.

There are also feeding sets. Inspired by fruit crate label art from the ’40s and ’50s, they make an excellent gift for the animal lover. Plus, they add a pop of bright, country color to your retro kitchen.

Best of all, items made for the dogs and kitties are not just fashionable, but safe – so they can lick and chew all they want.

Browse items for both dogs and cats, including pet-inspired decor and gifts.

Fire Station Dog Dish & Mat

Last updated: May 04, 2012
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