Retro & Quirky Stocking Stuffers

Retro Staff Comments

The holiday season is chock full of family traditions, from fruitcake and ham to Christmas trees and gingerbread cookies.  But the most fun tradition might be Christmas stockings.  Did you ever try to guess what was in the stocking by the shape of the bulge?  You can’t beat the excitement and mystery of seeing a big red stocking with your name on it, chock full of candy, toys and other fun stuff.

Some of our most popular stocking stuffers are the classic toys from yesteryear you played with in the backyard or on the porch when you were a kid.  It’s easy to overlook these great toys and games because we associate them with “the past,” but the fact is kids still love them!  Timeless classics like the Slinky and Silly Putty are small on size, but big on fun.

Slinky Retro Style ToySilly Putty Retro Style ToyPick Up Sticks Game1960s Barrel of Monkeys Game

In this age of cell phones and PSPs, there’s just something wonderful about the simple joy of playing a kazoo, planting a whoopee cushion or whacking a paddle ball.  Best of all, these stocking stuffers are great not only for kids but for kids-at-heart, too.

Whoopee Cushion Retro Gag GiftOld Fashion Style Paddle Ball GameMetal Kazoo Stocking StufferJacks in a Pouch Stocking Stuffer


We’ve got a great selection of nostalgic toys you can share with kids, grandkids or little cousins who play video games way too much.  Get ’em off the couch and outdoors with a Balsa Wood Airplane, or show them how to arrange their battalions of Green Army Men for maximum fun!

Balsa Wood Wind Up AirplanesRetro Toy Lunar LauncherGreen Plastic Army Men Retro Toy


Now, we know that classic toys aren’t for everyone.  For those who appreciate truly unique gifts, the quirky and downright weird, we have a load of stocking stuffers that are guaranteed to surprise someone – and maybe even give you a reputation.  You just can’t go wrong with pre-chewed cookie cutters, yodeling pickles and inflatable meatloaf!

ABC Gingerbread Men Cookie Cutter SetTable Saw Pizza CutterExtra Strong Kiss Me Breath Mints



Here are just a few of our novelty banks that put a bizarre spin on the rainy day fund.  Think you know someone who plays the lottery, needs some therapy or loves to shop? Help them save for their extravagances!

Saving To Win The Lottery Novelty BankSaving To Buy Shoes Novelty BankSaving For Therapy Novelty Bank



Shopaholics will love these creative pouches and coin purses. They’re easy to carry around and full of fun style.

Luxe Retro Style Zipper PouchSaving For Coffee Change PurseCassette Tape Zipper Kitschy Change Purse



For adults who like an occasional beverage, you can mix and match some bottle openers, retro coasters and shot glasses.  These are a small sample of our fun and quirky designs.

Patriotic Wall Mount Bottle OpenerHop and Pop Frog Shaped Bottle OepnerTiki Shot Glasses Set


Whether you’re stuffing a crew sock or a knee-high, we’ve got the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your Christmas list!  Check out our stocking stuffers section for even more unique gift ideas.