Retro Road Maps: Atlantic Refining Company

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Atlantic Refining Company MapThis road map from the Atlantic Refining Company dates from about 1953. The state maps that are included are for Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. In addition, the reverse of the map covers the eastern half of the United States.

Shown in the cover artwork is the new interstate highway system that sprouted up in the country after WWII. The roads were built in the more isolated areas, away from the suburbs. Note there is very little else but the highway in the picture, with the exception of the Atlantic filling station.

Also evident are the large, comfortable cars filling the highway. These were the early days of more luxurious, more powerful American cars. They allowed people to travel longer distances in greater comfort than the earlier cars did. Their larger size also allowed families to travel together to places that were now more easily accessible by way of the interstate highways.

In general, people were doing better financially and had more time for leisure, which enabled them to take family vacations and to travel.

On the back of the map are pictured a couple of uniformed Atlantic service station employees helping a customer. In the foreground is a gas pump that has a strong resemblance to the Tokheim 39.

Included on the back are details advertising Atlantic Motor Oil.

1950s Atlantic Station Road Map

Last updated: Mar 24, 2009
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