Gulf Oil Maine Road Map

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Gulf Oil Maine Info-MapThese are photos of a 1940s-era Gulf road map for the state of Maine. This map was published by the Gulf Refining Company and was printed by Rand McNally. It includes a map of Maine on one side, and a map that covers the eastern seaboard from New Brunswick to Virginia on the reverse side. There is also a detailed map of the Boston area.

The map includes a mileage table to calculate the distance from a given point in Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire to a variety of other locations.

Beginning with Gulf’s first road maps in 1915, the cover design featured an old roadster driving up a hill with a large orange disk behind it. Within the disk were printed the words, “There is More Power in That Good Gulf Gasoline”. This design was pretty much maintained through the 1930s, with only minor changes. Rather than the slogan in the orange disk, around 1924 the “Gulf” logo was placed with in the circle and small adjustments were made to the design of the car.

The cover on this map features the first major redesign to the Gulf info-maps. The style is less realistic and more Art Deco. The Gulf logo is now featured on a sign and is more prominent than the car. In addition to being smaller, the car has changed direction and is now pointing to the right. Below the car is the slogan, “Stop At the Sign of the Orange Disc”. This design appeared on Gulf road maps until about 1951.

Back of Gulf Road Map

Notice on the back of the map that there are three uniformed attendants helping the driver who has stopped to get gas. In addition to filling the tank, the copy says they will clean the windshield, check the oil, inspect the tires and “render a host of other free services”. It looks as if the driver’s getting help with directions, most likely with a copy of this very map.

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