Retro Signs at Retroplanet

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Wide Variety of Retro Signs

We carry a wide range of retro inspired signs made from a variety of materials for all kinds of uses. In our inventory you can find signs made of tin, steel, porcelain and wood. And our signs feature a huge assortment of subjects for all kinds of tastes.

We recently added wooden signs with a great 3D look that would add a retro touch to your home or business. These decorative signs feature classic subjects and come with hooks on back for easy hanging. The texture and dimension that these signs have will bring real retro charm to your décor.

Our tin signs are the least expensive signs. Some of the subjects include auto, motorcycle, Coca-Cola, sports, outdoor, military, kitchen, diner and humorous sayings. These tin signs are not intended for indoor use, because they will rust and fade. But they make a great statement and add retro flair when used indoors.

Our vintage signs are constructed of a heavier gauge metal and have a weathered, vintage look. These signs have a vintage appearance that will keep looking great, as long as these signs are hung inside your home, garage or business.

We also carry a line of quality, hand-screened signs that have been put through a rusting process to create an authentic vintage look. These signs are made in the USA and give you the aged appearance you’re looking for.

Steel signs are made of quality heavy gauge steel for real durability and have beautiful enameled paint finishes. These signs are similar to roadside signs but will rust over time if used outdoors. Our steel signs include parking, street, auto, Harley-Davidson and gas signs, just to name a few. We also have double-sided steel signs that come with wrought iron hangers. These signs have the classic look of vintage gas station signs from yesteryear.

Our porcelain signs are the most durable of our retro signs. From the 1880s to the 1950s porcelain signs were a favorite medium for outdoor advertising. Also referred to as enamel signs, porcelain signs are produced in a process that fuses powdered glass to heavy gauge steel backing. These signs will last many years, whether used indoors or out. And our reproduction signs feature many of your favorite retro subjects.