Retro Tiki Cocktail: Navy Grog

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Classic Navy Grog Recipe

Another classic invention by Donn Beach, the Navy Grog is a blend of three different rums, fruit juices and honey. This delicious cocktail was served at Beach’s Polynesian tiki-style Beachcomber restaurants beginning in the 1930s.

“Grog” was first used as the name for a rum and water (or weak beer) mixture drunk by the British Royal Navy starting in the 17th century as a replacement for water, which was likely to become stagnant on long sea voyages. Today the Navy Grog cocktail is enjoyed over ice. Pour it into a Scorpion Bowl Mug for a more exotic touch, add straws (like our Pineapple and Parasol Straws), some fruit and enjoy!

Navy Grog
1 ounce light Puerto Rican rum
1 ounce dark Jamaican rum
1 ounce Demerara rum
¾ ounce lime juice
¾ ounce grapefruit juice
¾ ounce honey
1 ounce club soda

Heat honey until liquid. Blend juices in a blender. Stir in the rums and club soda. Pour into a tall Tiki mug filled with crushed ice. Serve with a slice of lime.


Last updated: Jun 19, 2011
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