Retro Tiki Cocktail: Planter’s Punch

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Planter’s Punch Cocktail in Parrot Mug

Featured in a Green Parrot Tiki Mug

There are many variations on the recipe for Planter’s Punch, but the original originated in Jamaica, one of many rum-making islands in the Caribbean. The earliest Planter’s Punch recipe is said to appear in print appeared in The New York Times in 1908. But according to Robert Moss at Charleston City Paper, the recipe appeared even earlier as a rhyme. In his research, Moss was able to uncover the following verse from the September 1878 edition of Fun, a London magazine:

A wine-glass with lemon juice fill, of sugar the same glass fill twice
Then rub them together until
The mixture looks smooth, soft, and nice.
Of rum then three wine glasses add,
And four of cold water please take.
A Drink then you’ll have that’s not bad—
At least, so they say in Jamaica.

Planter’s Punch Recipe:
1 ounce fresh lime juice
1 ounce fresh lemon juice
2 ounces orange juice
2 teaspoons confectioner’s sugar
2 ounces light rum
1 ounce dark rum
2 dashes triple sec
2 dashes grenadine
Slices of orange, lemon and pineapple
Sprig of mint
Maraschino cherry

Pour fruit juices, sugar and rums into a tall iced-filled Tiki mug. Stir until the mug becomes frosty. Add fruit and top with triple sec and grenadine. Garnish with mint sprig.


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