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Retro Toys Make Good Old-Fashioned Fun

Do you sometimes wish your kids would engage themselves in constructive playtime like you remember doing when you were a kid? Maybe they spend too much time playing video games or watching TV? Perhaps you’d like to introduce them to some of the toys you remember playing with yourself that used to give you hours of enjoyment—then look no further. has retro toys galore to help you reminisce and to give your kids some good old fashioned fun!

There are a wide variety of retro toys available for everyday fun or for those special occasions, like birthday parties:

Party Favors:
We carry a wide range of toys that would be appropriate to give as party favors. These are great old-fashioned toys that are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill gift bag stuffers. There is the parachuter toy that you may remember from when you were a kid—but this one is larger and more durable than the little ones we played with. Remember Balsa Wood Gliders? Ours come in packages of two for double the fun! There are also Old Fashioned Metal Jacks, the Paddle Ball Game, Chinese Finger Traps, the Lunar Launcher, 15 Puzzle Game and Slinkys—there are too many to list here, so be sure to check out our Party Favors category for great retro ideas that will delight any child. And don’t forget the Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game for some retro party fun!

Outdoor Fun:
Sometimes kids need a little incentive to play outdoors. A great way to encourage them to enjoy play out of the house would be with some fun retro toys that involve activity and will demonstrate to your kids that the way you used to play is pretty “awesome”, too. Try something as simple as the bouncing Pinky Ball, Retro Soap Bubbles or the old-fashioned Punch Balloons. The Whistle Helicopter, Balloon Car Racer, Balsa Wood Planes, Rocket Balloons and the Water Powered Space Rocket are fun to watch take off, while the Spud Gun, Cap Gun, Cap Bomb and Cap Grenade are sure to put some excitement into any good old-fashioned outdoor playtime.

Long Trips and Rainy Day Fun:
For quieter playtime, classic retro toys would be the Barrel of Monkeys, Old Fashioned Jacks, Silly Putty and the Paddle Ball Game. There are games that you will remember, like Chinese Checkers, Tiddledy Winks, the Operation Board Game, Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head and our assortment of themed play sets (Knights, Cowboys and Indians, Army Men and Frontier). And for long car rides the 15 Puzzle Game or Wooly Willy Magnetic Drawing game would be sure to entertain your child. Quiet playtime would also be inspired with any one of our Hand Held Pinball Games. They come in all kinds of themes like Space Race, Rodeo and Baseball.

Imaginative Play:
Sometimes all it takes to spark your child’s imagination is a prop or two. How about a Red or Black Cowboy hat with a Cap Gun and Holster? Perhaps a porcelain tea set or Junior Chef Retro Bakeware Set will set your kids off with role playing and creating their own version of make-believe. Some zany playtime is sure to follow with the gift of some Fake Mustaches or a Gag Gifts Set. The sky is the limit for kids with a little imagination when they are presented with some of these classic retro toys.

Building Sets and Crafts:
The greatest thing about old-fashioned toys may be their ability to instill creativity and problem solving in young children. With toys like the Empire State Building Erector Set, Tinker Toy Junior, Mini Makit Toys, Frontier Logs Play Set and the Potholder Loom, children are learning and improving their manual dexterity while they make something new. Which is why many educators turn to old-fashioned toys to help them teach.

Unique Gifts:
Of course, there are other toys that you may want for your children, or even for yourself, simply because they are a lot of fun. There are assorted inflatable Bozo the Clown Bop Bags and Boppers, a Rubber Chicken and a Trick Squirt Camera. Also for older “kids” are the collectible metal Robots and Wind-Up Toys that are reproductions of old time favorites. These would be great additions to collections or would make exceptional retro gifts.

So if you’re looking for playtime inspiration, a unique gift or would like to introduce the next generation to the toys you once loved, be sure to check out the Retro Toys at

Last updated: Mar 15, 2010
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