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This week there are a lot of new things to check out at There is a beautifully restored 1950s Stoner candy machine that has been added to our Museum. In recognition of it being Super Bowl weekend, we have posted a blog featuring a 1994 commemorative Super Bowl helmet. Also in our blog section, we have posted a video titled Retro Harley-Davidson Décor that features our classic Harley signs and great decorating ideas.

Our Gallery has two new decorating setups. There’s a Rock and Roll Decorating Theme and a Sophisticated Sci-Fi Interior Design Ideas entry. Be sure to have a look whether it’s to get inspired for your own design project—or just for fun.

New products include many of the old-time candies and chewing gum brands that you remember as well as some one-of-a-kind vintage originals. Enjoy having a nostalgic look at our retro products and blog posts.

Last updated: Feb 05, 2010
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