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What’s New at Retroplanet

We’re making new posts to our Retroplanet Museum, including photos of a beautifully restored Victor 3-Door Coca-Cola Cooler and a vintage Theater Ticket Shredding Machine. Of course, displayed in our Museum are many other interesting restored items, so feel free to view the different categories.

Coming soon is a great Retroplanet exclusive, The Eat Sign Set. This set is comprised of three separate letter signs, each measuring nearly a foot by a foot and a half, and bearing a different letter to spell “EAT”. If you have a passion for nostalgic diner items, than you’ll love this retro sign! It can be positioned anyway you like, customizing it to suit your space or design needs. Sign up for our wait list to be notified when this arrives.

We’re adding once again to our already huge product lineup. Available now are poster frames for many of the varied sizes of posters you’ve been able to purchase at Retroplanet. Browse the new group of affordable poster frames in a variety of sizes and color finishes in our What’s New section. While you’re there you’ll also to see our new drinking glasses and mugs. They’re hip, fun and ready for your next party.

Our latest blog entries include a very interesting History of Robots with some background on these classic wind-up toys. We’ve also recently posted a blog discussing how Hollywood has become an American Icon as it is deeply rooted in our past and continues to be a part of lives today. There are many of you who stop by frequently to enjoy our weekly Soda Blogs. We hope you continue to reminisce with us and, as always, we look forward to your comments and feedback.

Last updated: Jul 16, 2009
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