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What’s New at Retroplanet

There are plenty of new products that have been added this week here at We now are introducing a second style of  “Eat” sign. It is an exclusive offering you’ll only find available on our site. It’s reminiscent of old diner signs that could once have been seen along the length of Route 66.

There is a whole new assortment of 11” x 14” print reproductions of old Hollywood movie stars, television and music icons. There is a wide array of humorous prints and reproductions of pinup artwork by the famous artist, Alberto Vargas.

There are yet more Harley-Davidson metal signs as well as a variety of reproduction signs, including of some of your favorite retro brand names.

In addition to all of the great design themes already in our Decorating Gallery, we’ve added a stylish setup that pays tribute to old Hollywood moviemaking. Like all of the ideas in our Gallery, this setup is intended as a suggestion to give you some inspirational decorating ideas and to spark your design creativity.

New to the Retroplanet Museum is a vintage Progress A1 Squirt soda picnic cooler as well as a Pepsi-Cola VMC 81 soda vending machine. Both of these items have been beautifully restored and are now featured in the Museum along with some history about them. We hope you enjoy these items and all of our weekly posts. There’s always something new to see!

Last updated: Jul 31, 2009
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