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In addition to the Tiki style ceramics we added to our product lineup last week, this week we’ve added some terrific Pu Pu Platters you can use with them to create your Polynesian dinner theme. We offer several sizes of platters, so you can serve just your family or entertain a group of people. Serve up a little refreshment with some of our new ceramic drinkware and you’re good to go.

There’s a new landing page on our website called Unique Home Decor. Here you can use the pulldown menu to search for items by room. You can also click on a Section title to search items by type or category. In our Decorating Ideas Gallery we’ve posted photos of A Cozy 1950s Inspired Dinette Setup. This is a great retro look that can be easily incorporated into your own home.

There are new items that we’ve added to our Retroplanet Museum, including a 1950s Child’s Barber Chair outfitted with a horse’s head in the Unique Items Section and a Vintage Countertop Coca-Cola Cooler added to the Chest Coolers Section. We’re adding new items to our website everyday, so be sure to stop by often.

Last updated: Jun 04, 2009
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