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What’s New at RetroPlanet

Exciting new additions to our product line-up include a series of eye-catching, retro-inspired signs featuring designs created exclusively by RetroPlanet. They’ll add some retro style anywhere you decide to hang them. We’ve also added to our collection of racing and automotive signs, including vintage-looking metal signs commemorating great races of the past from all over the world. We’ve also expanded our reproduction-style vintage sign collection in a variety of subjects for your home or business.

We now offer some really beautiful wooden signs that are sure to add impact and vintage style to your home or business. They range in size from widths of 36 inches to 51 inches, so they’ll make a really impressive statement in your decor. They’re made of vintage pieces of wood, repurposed to make these weathered, gorgeous signs.

We’ve also added many fun party and entertaining supplies, that include wonderful birthday products that are sure to put smiles on everyone’s faces. From banners, to candles, favor bags, hats and noisemakers—there’s everything you need to host a truly awesome party.

And as always, we will continue to post blogs featuring new retro subjects. Take a look when you have some time, and send as your comments, as we enjoy getting the feedback.

Last updated: Sep 17, 2009
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