Robots Make for “Far-Out” Decorating

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Planet Robot Chrome Plated RobotAre you a fan of old television shows like Lost in Space? Or perhaps you merely want to relive a part of your childhood? Try decorating with reproductions of the Shop vintage robots & sci-fi decor you played with as a kid. Maybe you didn’t have one, but knew someone who did. I didn’t—but my brothers did. And they’re campy, retro and futuristic all at the same time. They’re cool!

From posters and framed prints to clocks and reproduction toy robots, you can add some of the fun and out-of-this-world mystique that these guys have to offer. There’s everything from small windup robots to great replica remote control robots.

You could create a robot room, robot wall, or simply sprinkle robot touches throughout the home.

Robot Collection Display

Coordinating a collection of vintage-looking robots and robot tin signs would make a great design theme in a child’s room, gameroom or in an office.

Fun Robot Decor

Our design inspiration came from the wide selection of retro-looking wind-up robots that we now carry.

Vintage Style Tin Toy Robots and Signs

Group a whole bunch of retro-inspired robots to create some great design impact in any room.


What a great way to add some retro chic to any room of your home!

Lilliput Robot & Posters

This little vignette adds color and a sense of Sci-Fi humor to any wall and would work in any room of your home or office. A set of robots paired with matching robot prints is a clever design solution to add some interest to your decor.

Lilliput Robot & Posters

Robot couple and sci-fi drinking glasses.

Sci-Fi Robot Interior Design Ideas

This is a striking, uncluttered design solution that you may like to try in your own home

Sci-Fi Robot Interior Design Ideas

Group a selection of very cool spaceman and robot posters for a simple but powerful design solution. The look creates a ton of impact without adding any clutter to a room.

Sci-Fi Robot Interior Design Ideas

You can add as much as you like to your vignette, depending on your mood. Group a whole bunch of robots or just a few with a cool rocket—but use what you’re really passionate about and you’ll find you love being surrounded by your favorite things.


Last updated: Jul 22, 2009
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