Rock and Roll History At The Bromley Court Hotel

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Recently I wrote a blog about The Beatles and their performances at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, England, so I was excited to learn in early June that the hotel my family was about to visit in Kent, England has a pretty incredible rock-and-roll history of its own.


Bromley Court Hotel

The Bromley Court Hotel in Kent, England.


The hotel is the Bromley Court Hotel, conveniently located in southeast London. It began as the Bromley Hill House, built about 1800 as the country estate of Charles Long a government minister also known as Baron Farnborough. Among the important visitors to the estate were the Regency King George IV and his brother William IV as well as the Duke of Wellington and Charles Darwin. The Bromley Hill estate was converted to a hotel in 1904.

Jimi Hendrix The Experience

The Jimi Hendix Experience Tour kicked off at the Bromel Club at the Bromley Court Hotel in 1967.


Between 1915 and 1918 Bromley Hill House was used as an auxiliary hospital for sick and wounded Canadian servicemen during World War I. After the war, the building and grounds were used once again as a hotel. The hotel ballroom was opened as The Bromel Jazz Club where throughout the 1960s many famous British musicians were featured. Jimi Hendrix began his Experience Tour at the Bromel Club in 1967. Among some of the other famous acts to play there were:

David Bowie
Pink Floyd
The Kinks
Davy Jones
The Moody Blues
The Yardbirds


Rock Bands History

Proud of their rock-and-roll history, the lobby in the Bromley Court Hotel has a collage of some of the greats that performed at the Bromel Club in the 1960s.


The Bromel Club at the Bromley Court Hotel was a small venue but an important one on the local circuit for British R&B and rock-and-roll acts at the time. I really thought it was great to experience the place where so much rock-and-roll history took place and to imagine how exciting it must have been for those fortunate enough to see some music greats in such an intimate setting.

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