The Beast…for coffee?

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Iron Maiden Number of the Beast Mug

Joe recall’s his metal years with retro music coffee mugs, like this one sporting Iron Maiden.

By the time Spring turned into Summer that year, you couldn’t go to the mall, or movies, the park—anywhere really—without spotting the album art for Maiden’s Number of the Beast on a denim jacket. I remember some of my friends painting the image of the band’s living-dead mascot, Eddie, on their jackets as their final art project for the year.

I’m not sure if Bruce Dickinson (who made his debut with the band on their breakthrough platinum album) ever expected that cover art to grace a coffee mug, but I’d expect he’d get a kick out of some of the merchandising that went on with the band’s more outrageous artwork.

Of course, Bruce and his bandmates wouldn’t be alone. Can you picture Sid Vicious sipping tea out of a Never Mind the Bollocks—Here’s the Sex Pistols mug? Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry dipping biscuits into a The Kids Are All Right 11-ouncer? Okay, sure, I bet everyone can picture Gene Simmons drinking out of a KISS mug because, well, he’s marketed KISS caskets for goodness sakes, so a mug’s pretty pedestrian for the man with the dragon boots who spat blood on stage during concerts…

Aerosmith Retro Coffee MugBack when I was a teenager, I was lucky if I could get my hands on a t-shirt or a poster for one of these bands. There was no internet. Specialty music stores were rare. You were lucky if you could find anything beyond the Led Zeppelin black light posters or the Rolling Stones’ huge tongue logo. If you didn’t go to a concert, all you could do was envy your friends for having a t-shirt with a design you’d probably never seen before—and might never see again. Who didn’t want to declare themselves Property of AEROSMITH in their heyday?

Pink Floyd Coffee Mug Marching HammersTacked to my wall, I had a nice 8.5 x 11 color shot of the marching hammers from Pink Floyd’s The Wall, which stayed tacked up until the edges started to curl and the paper finally gave out. Think I cut it out of a copy of Kerrang, or some other music mag I spent my paper route money on.

You don’t forget things like that. Those cooler-than-cool images you used to decorate your room or your bike or your locker or your jacket. Nowadays? They’re not so hard to come by. Today, you can even drink out of them.

That some of the bands are still going? Kinda makes you wonder if they might outlast anything you guzzle your favorite beverages out of, huh?

Last updated: Sep 22, 2013
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