Rust or Bust! Iconics Marquee Lighted Signs

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If you’ve never thought of rust as beautiful, take a look at these marquee lighted signs. Loaded with style, charm, and of course, rust, the Iconics line of metal wall art walks the line between warm and industrial, rustic and urban chic.

Anchor Wine Texas Signs

You’ve seen similar products in craft or home stores, but what sets Iconics apart are their quality and craftsmanship. These metal shapes are made in America using solid steel that’s laser cut and hand bent by skilled metalworkers. Then it’s magic time! Each sign is soaked in a salt water solution and left outside to the elements until it’s covered in rust. And we mean covered!

Lips Arrow Star Signs

Iconics can be displayed indoors or outdoors, but if you plan on decorating inside, beware. These lighted signs are super rusty and will leave “rust dust” on any surface they touch (including your fingers). But if you have the right wall, or want to add style to a garage, barn, restaurant or other business, you can’t beat the cool, rustic look of these lighted shapes.

Cross Omega Pepper Signs

Another great feature: they’re super easy to set up. Iconics are ready to hang right out of the box and include all necessary bulbs (even a few extra). Use the rear tabs to hang on a wall, or display them freestanding on a shelf, counter, table or bookcase. Iconics plug into any standard power outlet but make sure you have an extension cord, as the attached pigtail cord is quite short.

Horseshoe Steer Pumpkin Signs

Our first batch includes some really fun and unique shapes. Some even come with colored bulbs that highlight the design beautifully, like the Martini Glass with its green olive and the red-bulbed Chili Pepper.

What’s your first reaction to these lighted signs? Where and how would you display them? We think they’re pretty amazing, but we’d love to hear your comments!

Last updated: Jul 28, 2016
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