Sandwich Shop Table Theme

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Using hot retro colors, a classic dinette set, and the right accessories, it’s a breeze to turn a nook in the home or office into a 1950s style deli. We took the “Fanta” route with our retro eating area.

Retro Inspired Kitchen

A colorful, stylish and retro-inspired design solution like this one will give your home a fresh, new look.

Trendy Decorating Ideas

A dining area such as this makes for simple, low-maintenance living, without compromising on style. If you don’t have a paneled wall already, it’s easy enough to add one.

Trendy Decorating Ideas

A smart dining setup like this one is both trendy and functional.

Fanta Soda and a Ham Sandwich

Complete the look with dispensers and shakers.

Fanta Soda and a Ham Sandwich

Fanta Soda and a Ham Sandwich!

Retro Inspired Design Solutions

If you’re wild about the retro look, consider a dining area like this one. It’s stylish and fun!

Fanta Table Decor

Vintage product signage and accessories add a lot of personality and style to your room.


Last updated: Dec 19, 2009
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