Sanitary Root Beer Label

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Sanitary Root Beer

The Sanitary brand of root beer is one that is no longer manufactured. It dates back as far as 1914, maybe further. There is very little information available about the soda and even less about the company. There is no further mention of the Sanitary Bottling Works after the 1930s. As is evident from surviving bottles, there was also a Sanitary brand Koca Kola and Lemon Soda manufactured.

This root beer bottle label is a great example of vintage soda labels. It measures 4½ inches wide and has a whimsical illustration printed with gold details. This label is unused and was made for a 24-ounce bottle of root beer.

Please blog-in if you know more about this brand from the past. We welcome any additional facts you may be able to add.

Sanitary Bottling Works
Indiana Harbor, Indiana

Last updated: Mar 02, 2010
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