National Comic Book Day (Sept. 25th)

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Happy National Comic Book Day!Happy National Comic Book Day!

What?  You’ve never heard of National Comic Book Day?  Well, a lot of people haven’t.  Not to be confused with Free Comic Book Day (the first Saturday in May), National Comic Book Day is noted mostly on those dubious “daily holiday” calendars that sprout up on the Internet like hair on Wolverine’s cheeks.

Put another way, I walked into my local comic store last week and asked Wayne (my connection) what he could tell me about National Comic Book Day.  His response:  “What’s that?”

Well, we here at Retro Planet are stoked about National Comic Book Day, and not just because we sell a ton of cool Marvel Comics and DC superhero gifts.  You just can’t get more retro than comic books.  They’ve been around since the early 1930s, or just a few years before Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics #1 in 1938.  And that’s 23 years before Marvel hit it big with Fantastic Four #1!

Who doesn’t remember their first encounter with their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, or the lasso-slinging Wonder Woman, or Frank Miller’s Dark Knight?  From the Golden Age to the Digital Age, schlock horror to Japanese manga, Jack Kirby to Rebekah Issacs, comics are both totally yesterday but still very much today.

Spider-Man Amazing Fantasy Wall Decal

Spider-Man Amazing Fantasy Wall Decal

Here are some fun ways you can celebrate your favorite comic books and spread the joy on September 25th.

  1. Deck out your office cube or bedroom in superhero style.  Superhero action figures are an obvious choice, but you can also find coasters, stickers, banks and other cool stuff.  Check out our wall decals and tin signs for superhero wall decor ideas.  Organize your living room with an amazing superhero canvas divider.  And nothing spices up a desk like a Batman glass or Wonder Woman mug!
  2. Treat yourself!  Go to your local comic store and pick up an old favorite or take a chance on a new, cutting-edge title.  Guaranteed there’s a comic out there that’s perfect for you, even if it’s been a while. (Find comic book shops near you right here.)
  3. Give the gift of comics to your friends and family.  It’s especially fun if they’re not into the comic book scene.  (Bonus points if you turn Aunt Ida into a Swamp Thing fan!)
  4. Incite nerd rage on Facebook and Twitter by posting lists of your top 10 worst superheroes, best supervillains, graphic novels that would make killer movies, etc.
    Batman Dark Night Magnet

    Celebrate your love of Superheroes with magnets and buttons.

  5. Download an app and start enjoying your favorite comics digitally.  Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IDW and Image all have their own apps, or you can download Comixology’s app to gain access to most of these publishers.
  6. Launch a comic book/graphic novel reading group at a bookstore or library.
  7. Hand out some superhero buttons or magnets to your co-workers.
  8. Gather your friends around your green lantern and pinky swear an oath to go to Comic-Con in San Diego next year!

How will you mark National Comic Book Day?  Get reacquainted with your childhood heroes?  Discover a new favorite artist?  Watch The Avengers for the 20th time?  Please share!

Last updated: Sep 25, 2013
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