Shower Power! Cool Shower Curtains Make Mornings Fun

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Make your morning shower more fun by sharing it with John Wayne, Lucy, or Mr. Spock!

Hang on, that didn’t come out right . . .

John Wayne Lucy Spock Shower Curtains

Hang on, that didn’t come out right . . .

See, we just launched about 200 novelty shower curtains featuring some of your favorite vintage style characters and designs, and any one of them will make a cool fashion statement in your bathroom. Each shower curtain is printed to order on water resistant polyester, and will fit any standard sized shower.

Brady Bunch CA Flag Pretty in Pink

A decorative shower curtain adds color and whimsy to an otherwise utilitarian space. Why not fill it with crisp, digital artwork featuring your favorite TV show, classic movie, band, or cartoon character?

Ernie Space US Flag

Our selection features all kinds of themes and tones, and each one will make a truly unique gift. Outdoor enthusiasts will love decorating their cabins with a wildlife shower curtain. If you know someone who takes pride in their motherland or home state, make their day with a shower curtain featuring their favorite flag. As long as you know people who shower—and we hope you do—we’ve got the perfect gift!


Italy Flag Godfather Deer

So check out the entire collection, and start enjoying your shower in a whole new way.

Yeah—that’s what I meant!

Last updated: Sep 19, 2016
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