Signs of the Times: Cupcakes

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What image did you just get in your head?  A chocolatey Hostess cupcake?  One of the big ones in the window of the bakery down the street?  How about mom’s homemade cupcakes with really gooey frosting?

Fresh and Tasty Cupcakes Metal Sign

Nothing gets your inner kid going faster than a cupcake, and with good reason.  They’re as American as apple pie, a nostalgic treat we always had room for when we were kids.  Nowadays, cupcakes are more than just fun kids treats.  You’ve got TV shows, recipe books and magazines devoted solely to cupcakes, and it seems like every city has its own gourmet cupcake shop.  Cupcakes have graduated from the kids’ table to the celebrity chef kitchen!

Well, far be it from RetroPlanet to ignore a new retro trend.  We’ve just made a batch of original tin signs that cupcake addicts will absolutely love.  And these aren’t wimpy little snack-type cakes, mind you.  They’re the real deal, made to look like gourmet cupcakes you’d find in a bakery or sweet shop.

I Love Cupcakes Tin Sign

The first thing you’ll notice about these signs is their bright, vibrant colors:  hot pink, canary yellow and electric blue make a treat for the eyes.  Colorful details like red cherries and rainbow sprinkles really pop!

Then there’s the fantastic level of detail. We all know the best part of a cupcake is the frosting, and you won’t be able to resist the rich, creamy texture our artists layered on these cupcakes.  Even the crinkly paper sleeves looks realistic!

Delicious Cupcakes Always Fresh Tin Sign

Beyond the cupcakes themselves, a variety of retro patterns and pastel colors brighten up the backgrounds.  Combined with the vintage-style lettering, these details really evoke the nostalgic tone of an old-fashioned bakery or restaurant sign.

If you love cupcakes or are addicted to Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, then these signs should tickle your sweet tooth.  Put one in your kitchen for a tantalizing tease of desserts to come.  You can also deck out an office lunch room or commissary (cupcakes = happy employees!).  And of course, if you happen to own a diner or a restaurant and are looking for some yummy retro-style decor, these signs will do the trick.

Eat A Cupcake Every Day Tin Sign

Now, think of a friend or family member who loves to bake.  They either have every kitchen gadget or bakeware pan known to mankind, or you have no idea what they already own.  One of these cupcake signs makes a unique gift that they’ll be proud to show off.  Got a girlfriend or roommate who’s a cupcake fiend?  These signs will sweeten up a bedroom or kitchen wall.  Whichever sign you choose, it’s a cool way to tell someone how sweet he or she is.  And unlike a real cupcake, our homemade cupcake signs will remind them of your affection for a long time to come!