Silly TV: Classic Silly Putty Commercials

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Silly Putty TV Commercial ScreenshotWhen marketing consultant Peter Hodgson risked $147 of borrowed money to introduce a bouncing putty to the world, his target audience was adults. As that market dwindled, it was kids lifting newsprint that made him shift gears. The once-failed product that was created in hopes to help the war effort turned into a multi-million dollar industry.

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The original Silly Putty commercial was one of the first television ads geared specifically toward kids. Like many early commercials, it ran a full minute, and featured commentary.


Another commercial from the ’60s features more interaction with the toy, and was offered up in color:


And, for those who need further proof that Silly Putty really is solid-liquid, Blendtec featured the goo on an episode of Will It Blend?:


How did you use Silly Putty as a kid? Were you a bouncer? A stretcher? A Sunday comics lifter?

Last updated: Jul 31, 2012
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