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Simpson Spring Soda Bottle Cap“Since 1878”

Around 1830, Samuel Simpson bought a natural spring that was located about 30 miles south of Boston in South Easton, Massachusetts. In 1878, his granddaughter’s husband, Frederick A. Howard, bought the spring from Simpson and sold bottled spring water in the local area, calling his new business the Simpson Spring Company. Eventually he began making and selling carbonated beverages using the natural spring water.

Simpson Spring introduced sugar-free soft drinks to customers in New England and was one of just a few to bottle Moxie soda.

In 1928 Simpson Spring was bought by Edwin H. White and F.L. Howard. An employee of the company, Howard was also a distant relative of the company’s founder.

The White family managed Simpson Spring for three generations. They faced strong competition from both the Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola companies and were bottlers of Coca-Cola through the time of WWI. But Simpson Spring discontinued bottling of Coca-Cola when the larger company insisted on new manufacturing rules. Simpson Spring decided they could produce their own brand of cola, in addition to all of the other flavors they were already manufacturing. They believed they could maintain their high quality standards by working independently.

In 1989 Simpson Spring was sold to the Bertarelli family, owners of the 150 acres of farmland adjacent to the Simpson Spring land. James W. Bertarelli had been in charge of the production at Simpson Spring for 11 years and was quoted as saying that things would continue on as they had. Simpson Spring would not be sold to one of the larger soda companies.

Simpson Spring is still operating today, making it one of the oldest soft drink manufacturers in the US.

Simpson Spring Company, Inc.
, 719 Washington Street, 
South Easton, Massachusetts – website

The flavors that Simpson Spring Soda is available in today are: Lemon & Lime, Root Beer, Cream, Fruit Punch, Sarsaparilla, Coffee, White Birch, Pineapple-Coconut, Orange, Golden Ginger Ale, Pale-Dry Ginger Ale and Extra Dry Special Ginger Ale.

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