“SLINKY” Springs to Fame – Popular Science (1946)

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Here’s a 1946 page from Popular Science spotlighting the Slinky toy.

Slinky Page, Popular Science 1946

It’s always interesting to read vintage copy:

Given an initial shove, “Slinky” eerily and deliberately flip-flops end over end down a flight of steps. It is simply a spring, but it does stunts that made R. P. James, Philadelphia engineer, think of converting it into a toy.

The spotlight also shows how the Slinky can be shaped into patterns. Again, the copy is detailed and ultimately sells the product to the magazine’s more advanced readers:

The flat-coiled strip of Swedish blue steel assumes shapes in almost unending patterns.

It was content like this that really described a product, unlike today’s periodicals which tend to cram a handful or more products onto a page, focusing solely on imagery to promote usage.

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