Goody Soda

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Goody Soda Bottle Cap“Thirst Come—Thirst Served”

Goody Soda was made by the Willow Springs Distillery that opened in Omaha, Nebraska in 1866. By 1894, Willow Springs was the third largest distillery in the US. They manufactured alcoholic beverages like gin, rye, whiskey and bourbon until Prohibition, when the manufacture of any alcoholic beverage was illegal. In 1919 they changed their name to Willow Springs Bottling and began making only near-beer, malt and soft drinks.

Advertising for Goody Soda from the late 1940s shows a character called “Goody”. This young man was used to promote sales of Goody soda to store owners.

As far as we can tell, Goody Soda was produced into the 1970s (with many readers of this site recalling Goody well into the late 1980s), and as late as 2012 it resurfaced and was available for online purchase (source: Soda Emporium).

Willow Springs Distillery
4th and Pierce Streets
Omaha, Nebraska

Flavors that Goody soda was available in included Strawberry, Chocolate and Black Cherry. If you know of any others, please share it with us. Also, when was the last time you saw Goody soda available?

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