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NuGrape Soda Bottle Cap “A Flavor You Can’t Forget”

The NuGrape Company of America was started in 1921 in Atlanta, Georgia. It was managed by O. R. Randall. The company was unique for the time, since they made and bottled soft drinks. Other companies did one or the other, but not both.

Many claim the NuGrape soda has the truest grape-flavor of all grape soft drinks on the market. NuGrape soda was very popular, and by 1937, there were 600 NuGrape bottlers in the US.

In the 1950s, the company name was changed to National NuGrape Company. Moxie bought the company in 1967 and, a year later, formed the Moxie-Monarch-NuGrape Company of Doraville, Georgia.

Today, NuGrape is distributed by the Monarch Company in Atlanta.

The NuGrape Company of America
168-170 Peters Street
Atlanta, Georgia

NuGrape soda isn’t that easy to find today. Are you a NuGrape fan?

Last updated: Sep 19, 2008
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