Peppo Soda (Mr. Pibb, Pibb Xtra)

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Peppo Soda Bottle CapIn the early 1970s, The Coca-Cola Company looked to create a soft drink that could compete with the very successful Dr Pepper. It was a soft drink made up of 23 different flavors, called Peppo.

You may know Peppo soda under it’s newer name, Mr. Pibb. It was changed in 1972 due to a lawsuit filed against Coca-Cola by Dr Pepper which claimed the name Peppo was too close to Dr Pepper. (This wasn’t the first lawsuit Dr Pepper had filed against the manufacturer of Coke – it had sued in 1951 asserting that 5-cent Cokes were sold below cost and were a restraint of trade.)

In 2001 a new formula was introduced that added a cinnamon flavor, named Pibb Xtra. Mr. Pibb has since been phased out, despite many modern fountains still labeled with the old Mr. Pibb logo..

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Have you ever seen a bottle of Peppo? What do you think about the newer formula that created Pibb Xtra?

Last updated: Dec 26, 2008
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