Pioneer Valley Soda

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Pioneer Valley Soda Bottle Cap“Beverages of Quality”

Pioneer Valley soda was manufactured by the Pioneer Valley Ginger Ale Co, Inc. in Massachusetts in the 1950s and 1960s. Some of the flavors available were Golden Ginger Ale, Cream, Fruity Lemon & Lime, Pale Dry Ginger Ale and Strawberry Crème. The company also produced Pioneer Valley Club Soda and Tom Collins Mixer.

We know little about this company. Locations listed in various records include Northampton and Florence. A December 29, 1960 filing with the state of Massachusetts lists an address of 10 Main Street, Florence, MA 01060. The state lists an Involuntary Dissolution date of 10/19/1983.

Do you have any information about this company – which reportedly once bottled Pepsi? We’d love to learn more…

Last updated: Sep 08, 2008
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