Retro Road Maps: Sohio Ohio Road Map

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Sohio Road Map of Ohio

Sohio, or Standard Oil of Ohio was one of the former holdings of the Standard Oil trust, before its breakup in 1911. The name was officially changed from Standard Oil of Ohio to Sohio in 1928. They grew to dominate Ohio’s refined products market from the 1930s through to the 1950s. In 1978, BP purchased a 55% interest in Sohio and in 1987 they acquired the remaining 45% for complete ownership. By 1990 all the Sohio gas stations had been converted to BP stations, and the Sohio name was no longer used.

This map dates to about 1949, based on the striking compass design used at that time. Another indicator is the cars that appear in the illustrations. Depicted on the rear of the map is a VW Beetle in a Sohio filling station. The German-made car was new to the American market in the late 1940s and would have been a great contemporary car to include on the Sohio maps.

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