Sophisticated Sci-Fi Interior Design Ideas

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You’ll get tons of compliments with a stellar sci-fi display, and it’s easier than you may think. Clean lines and a great background color are key. For our examples, we used California Paints’ Red Ink for the wall. It works well with the entire design, which includes framed posters (we picked Astonishing Adventures) and collectible rockets (pick these up at auction sites and thrift shops).

Sci-Fi Decor Display

This design vignette is eye-catching and unique. There’s no need to clutter up a room with an assortment of design elements.

Cool Rockets Decor

The important thing is to have a lot of fun when doing your design setup.

Framed Posters

Sci-fi posters and rockets coordinate together beautifully to make any room special.

Framed Posters

Grouping posters together makes so much more impact than placing one poster on its own.

Streamliner Rocket

These display rockets are beautifully detailed and have a great retro look.

Rocket Collection

For an effect like this one, any collection will do. If you have some items tucked away, bring them out, dust them off and create a full display similar to this one.

Framed Mini Posters

Reproduction retro posters are are fun way to bring some humor and design appeal to any room.

More Rockets

So, let your imagination run wild and create a fun, retro display for your own home or office.

Killer Insect Sci-Fi Posters

Decorating with a Sci-Fi Killer Insects Theme: Group reproduction Sci-Fi movie posters together to make an especially creepy statement in any room.

Teenage Monster Sci-Fi Thriller Posters

Great retro horror movie fun for a teen or entertainment room.

She-Monster Sci Fi Posters

The attack of the She-Monsters movie posters would add drama to any entertainment room.



Last updated: Dec 14, 2010
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