Southern Hospitality Wall Decor

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Welcome to the South Retro Wall Decal

Southern graphics with vintage style.

Decorating the home and business shouldn’t cost a fortune. I’m a stickler for finding decor that represents your interests while not breaking the bank. And, having lived in the deep South for a decent portion of my life, I’m officially in love with classic Southern sayings, humor and color schemes. So when a new line of Southern Hospitality Wall Decals hit Retro Planet, I was in heaven, y’all.

From sweet tea (which is a staple in every Southern household) to “Lord have mercy”, the designs totally capture life past the Dixie line. If you’re not from the South, you might not get just how realistic the sayings are. And I get that. Coming from Upstate New York, I was in total culture shock in my late teens. My a-ha moment (when I realized the movies were right) was when a Southern fella danced with me, and finished a sentence with, “Know what I mean, little lady?” Then he clicked his tongue and said, “I’m fixin’ to turn ya ’round, now.”

Soon enough, after learning how to slow down my talk, add a slight drawl, and speak less with my hands, I was a Southern Belle, with a little sass to boot. Yes, I’ve gone muddin’, because that’s how we rolled. I said, “Bless your heart,” to the young’uns, and I reckon’d quite a few things.

This is How We Roll Southern Wall Decal

A classic southern saying, it often reminds other folk that southerners have their own set of rules.

I also came to love cornbread, okra, and yes, grits.

Available in sizes from 12″ to 48″ these graphics will fit just about anywhere—above kitchen cabinets, or as the focal point of an entire wall—and are totally removable. They’re made of a polyester fabric and have a matte finish. Unlike vinyl decals, there is no glare and the image can be viewed from any angle.

image of Kiss My Grits Wall Decal image of How To Speak Southern Wall Decal image of Southern Thang Wall Decal
image of Welcome Yall Iced Tea Wall Decal image of Southern Grammar Wall Decal image of Southern Gent Wall Decal
image of Southern Belle Wall Decal image of Fun On The Bayou Wall Decal image of Lord Have Mercy Wall DecalThe installation process is pretty quick and easy, making this one of my favorite new ways to spruce up the walls. Since they’re technically non-permanent stickers, I love that I don’t have to pull out a stud finder to figure out where they can go.

image of I Reckon So Wall Decal image of I'm Fixin To Wall Decal image of Hey Yall Watch This Wall Decal image of Heavens To Betsy Wall Decal image of Shalom Yall Wall Decalimage of Bless Your Heart Wall Decal image of Welcome Peaches Wall Decal image of Talk Like A Southern Belle Wall Decalimage of I Love Grits Wall Decal










What do all y’all think about these new designs? (And, yes, I asked that correctly. Just look at the Southern Grammar Chart.)

Design Ideas for Southern Hospitality Wall Decals

Last updated: Sep 26, 2013
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