A Space Invaders Couch!

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Back in the early 1980s, I pumped a lot of coins into the Space Invaders game at the arcade in Vernon, CT, frantically blasting wave after wave of marching, pixelated aliens. Shooting them was cool – but sitting on them will be even cooler!

Behold the Retro Alien Couch, a super sofa made just for gamers. Dreamed up by designer and model maker Igor Chak, this geek-friendly couch looks so much like a Space Invaders alien, you can’t help but think of it as the Space Invaders Couch.

Alien Couch

Designed by Igor Chak, the Retro Alien Couch sells for $5k.

First released in Japan by the Taito Corporation in 1978 and making its U.S. debut in 1979 courtesy of Midway Games, Space Invaders seized on the popularity of space combat spawned by Star Wars and other sci-fi movies. It quickly became the most popular video game in history, igniting the arcade game craze and sparking the golden age of video games (late ’70s to early ’80s). Baseball had Babe Ruth, video games had Space Invaders.

The original game featured three different aliens marching across the screen in five rows. Chak has turned two of those aliens into couches. One looks like the “medium” invader (20 points, 2nd and 3rd rows), the other a “large” invader (10 points, 4th and 5th rows).

Space Invader Couch

Igor Chak also designed this Invader couch, and is looking for someone to help put it in limited production.

To date, only the “large” invader couch is available for purchase – but that should be enough to whet any gamer’s appetite for cool game room furniture!

This slick sofa features wide arms and thick, memory foam cushions wrapped in black leather. You’ll certainly appreciate the memory foam when you settle in for a long night of gaming! At 77″ wide, there’s plenty of room for friends, too. The couch will cost you about $5,000, but if you’re a retro video game addict or just need an awesome showpiece for your geek room, it just might be worth it!

Where would you set up the ultimate gamer sofa? Was Space Invaders your favorite arcade game? Share your own video game memories, or thoughts on how you’d deck out your gamer room if money was no object.


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