New Spin on Transistor Radios

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image of vintage transistor radio earbud

The typical “earbud” was white, and there was only one of them.

I’ll never forget the nights I curled up in bed – three of us girls in a single room – with an old radio or tape player, ear bud in my right ear. To us “stereo” meant you heard the same thing in each ear, and you’d need a big pair of headphones to hear just that.

I’d have to hold the radio just right to get a clear sound of my favorite radio station. Of course, the tape player (which doubled as a recorder) contained music recorded from the hi-fi in the living room. Occasionally you’d hear my mother or siblings talking in the background, and the hum got more apparent each time the cassette was played.

I miss those nights, though. Occasionally I’ll lie in bed at night with the iPod, one bud in use, listening to tunes from the ’60s and ’70s.

Image of Crosley Songbird Radio

The Crosley Songbird Radio in Retro Orange

The latest in retro tech brings us the Crosley Songbird radio. It looks very much like the transistor radios of yesteryear, sporting dials and a traditional antenna. The front display is akin to old-school digital face alarm clocks. It has an AM/FM tuner and headphone jack. The bonus, though? An input on the back so you can contact an iPhone or mp3 player. It also features dynamic, full range speakers – all the vintage style with none of that hiss.

I have to admit. Being an iPhone user, I’ve had a difficult time finding a suitable speaker dock that works with my case on. I’ve found using a cable connection simplifies the process.

It’s totally portable (it can run off batteries or an included AC power adapter) and comes in two of my favorite colors – retro orange and green.

I’m in awe of all the unique retro tech gear that’s being produced today. The attention to detail is amazing, and it allows me to celebrate the best on both “worlds”.


Last updated: Jul 08, 2013
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