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Cover to GHOSTS (DC Comics)

GHOSTS was published by DC from 1971 to 1982.

Who were you in high school? The guy who figured out that taking photography class was a guaranteed A—and who knew you could ask any pretty girl to sit for a picture because it was, ahem, schoolwork? The captain of the cheerleaders? The girl voted most likely to play Thelma in a drama club production of Scooby Doo? The kid who showed up to class dripping mucous because you just had to have perfect attendance that year?

Me? I was the horror guy. True, I played sports and fit in with the creative kids, but basically, I was the kid who showed up to class wearing tee shirts like: You Will Believe In GHOSTS, sporting the classic DC Comics cover. I had a Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster tee shirt. I got an original Exorcist movie poster at a collectibles show and hung it…over my bed. Yup.

My scandalous Loni Anderson bikini profile poster hung over my desk, while Max von Sydow standing outside Regan’s house got the prime real estate on my wall.

When I turned 13, my Dad offered to take me and a friend to the movies. I could pick anything I wanted. The rating was unimportant. I convinced my Dad—who was probably hoping I’d pick some sort of coming-of-age flick or even a questionable comedy—to take us to see SCANNERS. Dad?Well, he was probably happy I didn’t choose a sex comedy but not that happy.

I accumulated all sorts of spooky collectibles growing up. A set of unpainted, Universal Monsters resin figures. Frankenstein, the Creature From the Black Lagoon. The Wolfman. The Mummy. I had a cabinet full of VCR tapes, everything from obscure ’50s Sci-Fi fare (Tarantula, The Flesh Eaters, THEM! Before it was officially available on videotape), and other nutty stuff.

Remember the VCR box for the film Dead Pit? It had a 3-D box with a creature with blinking green eyes. The minute that tape hit the sell-off rack, I coughed up $19 to own it—solely for the box.

I’ve always been a big fan of zombies. I’ve written a number of zombie short stories that were collected into an anthology last year. I’ve written almost as many comic book stories. I’d love to someday direct a zombie film.

Naturally, the first video I bought during my days working for Blockbuster Video was that awful transfer of Night of the Living Dead, for $9.99, back when the copyright had expired and about 50 companies started making the film available. I also owned the first pressing of Dawn of the Dead (with the original box art), and Day of the Dead, for which I stood on line opening night 1985, and got a free Bub tee shirt.

Remote Controlled ZombiePam recently got me a Keep Calm and KILL ZOMBIES tin sign. Not sure where it’s going to hang, but it’s going up somewhere. And, Christmas is coming. The idea of a moaning remote control zombie  is quite appealing to me. I bet chasing the cats around the house with it would be great fun.

Well, for me, maybe, not sure about my four-legged family.

In my old apartment, I’d definitely have used the PSYCHO style shower curtain had I known about it…but in the house we’re living in now, we primarily stick with our stall shower, which has a glass door. Ahh, if only…

Halloween is right around the corner. Got any classic home décor you leave out year-’round you want to share with us? I’m talkin’ pics, baby. Send ’em on in. Even if your desk doesn’t sport a crab-claw vulture eyeing prey from a dead tree, (like mine does), whatever your guilty horror pleasure is, let’s hear about it.

Then we can all go trick or treating!

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